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In one of her interviews about sex tape Kelli McCarty tells that she ‘enjoys acting as much as she enjoys having sex’. In this regard, she simply hadn’t had a better opportunity to combine her two favorite things before she was approached by Vivid company that offered her a deal. This deal included a contract of starring in a porn movie with a story line and real actors. Here’s the result…

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Two streaming clips of Kelli McCarty getting fucked. The first one features Miss USA having dirty sex outside on some car yard with mechanic she has taken her car to. Then the second one shows her making out with beloved hubby at home later…

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Miss USA Kelli McCarty sex video is not your usual sucky fucky tape made by amateurs. Kelli is a real actress thus she wouldn’t spoil her picture by playing in some low-quality video. Instead she strikes a deal with one of the leading porn production companies that create this uncensored movie of her called ‘Faithless’. Faithless was a guy who dates a daughter and fucks a mom behind the back of her partner…

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Delicate body of Miss USA Kelli McCarty gets submitted with force, bent over and fucked with hard dick first in mouth then ass. She enjoys male power and being under control of dominant male such as her boyfriend…

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There is a new celebrity porn star in town, Farrah Abraham Superstar. She gained recognition after her appearance in MTV’s own 16 & Pregnant show where she portrayed life of a teen mother who raised a child on her own. Later she went on to participate in the show Teen Mom, where she started ruining her reputation by her crazy actions. As if this wasn’t bad enough, she than filmed a full hardcore video with a male porn star James Deen and sold it to Vivid Entertainment company for $1,5 million…

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Former Miss USA and star of NBC soap opera Passions Kelli McCarty creates a show of her own called Faithless, by which she shocks everyone in network television and beauty pageants who knows her. She is done playing a good girl and is ready to expose her true herself who loves sucking big cock and being taken with force…

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Some screen shots from Kelli McCarty Sex Tape. We count at least three boyfriends across several different scenes in this video. They all love to eat Kelli’s sweet pussy while she enjoys returning the favor by sucking off their hard cocks…

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Here’s a gallery with two teasing clips of Kelli McCarty making out with one of her boyfriends on the couch before fucking his brains out. There is a passionate kissing, nipple and cock sucking followed by crazy hardcore sex with Kelli getting sandwiched and taking it from behind in the end of the scene…

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Anyone remember when Kelli McCarty won Miss USA back in the 1990s? Everyone thought she was such a good girl. And maybe she was back then. But she sure ain’t now! Now she’s just another dirty girl relying on her good looks, sexy curves, and big tits in order to make a buck or two in this cruel world. Do I feel sorry for her? Nah. I’ll watch her porn tapes and enjoy every minute of it. Then I’ll head over to one of my fave sex cam sites where I can find a girl next door that really likes to do dirty things!

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